So I am reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close right now at the heightened recommendation of a good friend.  Wow!  She was right!  This is the second epic book recommendation for me this year!  But, given who it was doing the recommending, I should not in the least be surprised.  THe first was The Glass Bead Game—yum!


But, now that I am within 80 pages of completion after only 3 days, I have just discovered something about myself.  I choose a character with whom to identify.  I am sure most people do this.  But, with me, I notice that I begin to start to adopt character traits or behaviors of that character.  Very subtle things.  But, I adopt (or co-opt) these as parts of who I am.  It usually starts out just as identifying with and relating strongly to a particular character.  But then I begin to feel like I AM that character–no matter how far from myself he or she may be or how far he or she may be from the previous “me” characters in other books.

So fascinating.  Just riffing on this some.  THere must  be SOME psychological whatchamacallit to explain this.  But just wanted to put that out there…interesting.


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