Daytime Soaps…!

Preface:   I would LOVE to be cast in a soap opera!

Ok, so, when I was in jr high/early high school, I began to get into a couple soaps.  Why?  Don’t really know, but could be that we didn’t have cable and we lived in the country and I couldn’t drive.  Those coupled with snow days in the winter in Iowa, I had nothing to do on those no-school days.  And we all know there isn’t much on daytime midday TV other than soaps.  (They follow morning talk shows and precede the afternoon ones.)

I started watching the NBC soaps.  Days of Our Lives mainly.  THen, Passions aired.  I thought, “how cool to be able to be there from Day #1 of a brand new soap opera!”  So, I added that one.  I liked Sami (Allison Sweeney now of Biggest Loser host fame) on Days of Our Lives although most everyone hated her and liked her half sister Carrie.  Carrie was just too “goody” for me.  I liked the conniving bad-girl complexity of Sami.  For the same reasons, I preferred Lucas to Austin when everyone else (my teenage friends who also watched the show) was much more attracted to Austin.   (No one should have been surprised…I have always tended to have a bad boy attraction.)

Bo & Hope–what’s not to love there!

On Passions, I loved the Tabitha witch storyline and her little sidekick!  I always fantasized about them writing in a role of a younger Crane sister come home from boarding school…of course the role would HAVE to be filled by me!  Oh, how I dreamed of that so often!

So, anyway, yesterday I was home at an odd hour early afternoon and the internet that we just steal from neighboring open networks wasn’t working and I had nothing else to work on, so I turned on the TV.  Days of Our Lives was on…and Luis from Passions is now on that show!  Did you know that?!  Also, the dad from The Nanny–Mr. Sheffield–is on there now too!  So weird!  They had a  plane scene together!

Basically, just wanted to share that.  Don’t know why.

Just adding to the randomness, I guess.


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