Just something…

Good morning.

Felt like a morning update kind of day.  So, here is a morning update on me…my life…today…whatever.

Run at the beach this morning was fun.  I went to Venice/Santa Monica border just before 7:00.  Ran from pier to pier.  (Well, ok, not exactly, more like Santa Monica pier to that jutting rock formation before Venice Beach.)  Love the barefoot runs.  They are so much fun.  I love to mix it up and sprint whenever the water comes in a hits my feet.  I run right on that border of sand and water.  Love it!  Best in the morning too!  It’s like saying “Good Morning, Mom” to Mother Earth.  I most often do my mantras or prayers during a morning run, and the beach is such a wonderful place to keep a clear head.    There was some old guy fishing on the beach.  He kind of annoyed me b/c I had to run around him out of my path.  Oh, c’est la vie.  I like to get in the water at least waist deep after the run.  So, I often wear my bathing suit while running.  I heard once that ocean water can instantly set your body back to a neutral charge.  Ya  know, the perfect balance of electrons in your body.  So, I believe it.  Why not?  It’s gotta do something good to be open and free standing in such an expanse of liquid nature!

Had to get back to Bev.  Hills by 8 to get blood drawn for a lab test ordered by the doc.  Did that.  I like to drive through Bev. Hills when the traffic isn’t crazy and just go about manifesting!  Seeing myself in my abundance…receiving joyfully.

They had to draw a lot of blood.  And I had to get back to WeHo to teach my regular 9:00AM yoga class at Dancing Shiva.  I made it easily.  I thought I should have something in my system after just running and then having so much blood taken.  So, I opened up the spa, went into the mini-fridge and got myself some of the opened plain nonfat yogurt in there.  Not gonna lie–I do that all the time.  Go into the DS fridge to see what items I can snag a bit of.

In all honesty, I used to be much worse.  YOu could have considered me a mild kleptomaniac.  In college and just out especially.  I would take stuff from the fridge/kitchen wherever I worked and take stuff.  Like all secretively.  I think I liked the rush of almost being caught…and part of me wanting to be caught doing something “bad.”  But we won’t go into that now…

Anyway, I took some yogurt.  Then I had some ginger tea.  It was a nice breakfast to have while writing this b/c no one showed up for my yoga class ):  And I was even prepared to have class today, which in all honesty, I am not always…

I am most often scared to death to teach my yoga class.  I have this fear that they are gonna “figure me out.”  I have a fear that they’ll discover I’m not a “real” yoga teacher…that I am nowhere near qualified and that I am completely and totally bad at it and am not serving yoga in any way.

But I shut that voice off whenever students show up b/c I just feel it is my duty.  It is my duty to them who paid and showed up and my duty to the Divine.  SOMEONE thinks I can do it, I guess…

Going to CrossFit later this AM.  THen probably applying for a job at the Thomson Hotel restaurant.  (I have  friend who works there and said I could reference her.)  Then I have to tape an audition tonight and send the file to my agent.  Was supposed to do that yesterday, but my friend who said she could couldn’t.  Was kinda bummed, but more time to work on it, I suppose.  I hope my agent is ok with not getting the file until tonight…I guess she’ll have to be.


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