Mom Call

About to give my mom her daily ring-tin-a-ting from her darling daughter.

Yes, I said daily.  I’ve tried to cut back on calling her as much, but then I thought, “wait, why?”

Seriously, why should I feel guilty about calling my mom so much?  I love her.  SHe is one of–if no THE–best friends I have.  She never judges me–ever!  I mean, I remember telling her about how I just need to get laid!  She knows more about my sex life than any of my other friends.  And she is surprisingly quite objective about this…especially because I’ve slept with more men than she has (her 1; me 5).  The only slight fault is that she sometimes goes into “mom worry” mode when she really has no reason to.

However, it’s odd because, yes, she is my mother.  Odd because sometimes these phone calls involve me talking about the stress of my financial life and I am not always asking her for money when I bring this up.  Often I’m just venting. But I know she feels guilty or bad about this because she has told me she wishes she could provide for me more when I’m in a bind.  THen I feel bad because I feel like she thinks I’m trying to suck all of her $ out of her.  Which I’m not.  I love her.  She is such a support to me WAY beyond monetary value.

So, I like to call her daily because I need her support.  But I also do not want her to worry.  SOmetimes I have to tell her things that make her worry because I need the support.  So, I have to weigh which is more valuable.  Sometimes I feel selfish because I choose my own feelings over hers and I know that she never does this with me.

I guess the reason I tried to cut back the amount of phone calls because I feel like sometimes the relationship is not balanced and like I am not giving as much as I’m getting.

So, I’m learning to be an adult daughter.  I am learning.  It is hard, but fun.  And I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents to support me into adulthood.


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One Response to Mom Call

  1. Mom says:

    Thank you, adult daughter. That is still hard for me to get use to even though you have been one for several years.

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