clothing diet

I don’t like pants.

They are the first thing to come off when I get home.  If the roommate is home, then I put on some workout shorts or something.  But if my roommate isn’t home, then it’s nothing below the waist!  Not to be too graphic, but I like being pantless.  I feel very hindered in pants…like, I can’t move and sit as smoothly and comfortably.  It makes me feel at home to be pantless.

I don’t like bras either.  I began to stop wearing them in college.   And went all-out bra-less (except sports bras, when running) over 2 years ago about the time I really go into yoga and raw foods and more hippie-like friends and lifestyle.  And honestly, it’s not like I ever really NEEDED a bra.

I remember when I started wearing a bra.  Actually, I remember getting my first bra.  Both incidents are surrounded with embarrassment for a 10-year-old…

I got my first bra when I was in 5th grade.  And, for the record, until puberty, I was the “small one.”  You know, that friend in elementary school that was shorter and skinnier than everyone always.  I could eat like 8 pieces of pizza and still be the size of someone 1 or 2 years younger.  I was ALWAYS in the front row in choir–and love-hated it.

So, that said, I was small, tiny, and flat as a board.  But I guess my grandma thought I was “growing up” or it was about that time because that year (1996 ?) for Christmas she got me a bra.  You know, one of those training bra things.  ANd well, my family opens gifts on display.  You know, we do the open-one-gift-and-in-your-turn-so-we-all-can-see-what-you-got Christmas gift opening.  So, at 10 years old I had to display to the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers) the bra my grandma got me for Christmas.  And I am the oldest female cousin on that side of the family, so I was the first to enter uncharted territory…so mortifying…especially for a tomboy who was never very girly…

I didn’t take off the tags and put it on for 3 months.

At the dress rehearsal for our 4 thru 6th grade musical came the second embarrassment prompting me to begin wearing a bra.  The theme of the musical was “When I Grow Up” or something…and there was a song our class was doing about plumbers  (no joke, a song about wanting to be a plumber…)  We had to wear jeans and a white T-shirt.  I was sitting (in the front row) on the risers waiting for the rehearsal to start and 2 of my friends sitting behind me started to giggle and then I turned around and they asked me if I was wearing a bra.  I said no.  They giggled some more.  Then one of them said, “You can see right through your shirt.”

Mortified again.

I went home that night and took the tags off the bra my grandma gave me.  I wore a bra from that day on.

Now, it’s like things have come full circle.  I don’t wear a bra.  I try to not wear things too see-through.  And if I do, I layer it.  But, my embarrassment about that has lessened.  I still don’t have much for boobs.  And so, if what little I have can be seen, meh.  I don’t dress sexy.  I don’t flaunt anything.   Actually, I dress for comfort 95% of the time…and it is more comfy without a bra.  Plus, I don’t like the way bras make boobs look.  EW!  So structured!  Not for me.

I don’t wear underwear either.

That started because I don’t like panty-lines or underwear that bunches.  And it’s just another layer of unnecessary clothing.  And, honestly, I just didn’t want to buy it anymore.  So, most of the underwear I have, I’ve had since high school.  hahahaha!

So, no bras, no undies, and pants only in public!

…and you know what?  I think it saves me money too!

hehe 😉


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3 Responses to clothing diet

  1. lyz says:

    i love your boobs!!! I’m sure mine will go back down after i finish bf’ing. and i’ll have flat, small boobs again!!! yay for us!!!

  2. I like your outlook in life, bra-less or bra-with you see things in perspective. Being an AA cup is not a big deal for you. Cheers for you, it’s rare to see women celebrate and be proud with they have.

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