late night blog dilemma

I wonder if the internet we steal from the neighboring wireless network will work in my bedroom…usually it works best in the living room/dining room-ish area of the apt.  But it is nearly 3 hours past my bedtime, and I’m stuck with this dilemma of wanting to check my email/facebook/this blog and other what-not to keep my mind from restless self-destructive thoughts.  So, I want to take my laptop to bed with me.

This may seem like a nothing ordeal, but for me it is a slight something ordeal.   I don’t like keeping a lot of electronics in my bedroom.  I like to keep as much of that type of frequency away from my dream-space.  I could spout out some New Age-y hippy-dippy yoga-ish Energy/chi/prana/ talk about why this is a good choice.  But, I think primarily it is a good choice because that’s just the way I was raised.  My parents would never allow my brothers or I to have a TV in our rooms.  I had like a really crappy small little cd player/stereo thing.  But I never listened to it at night because it kept me up singing to songs.  It was only on when I was cleaning or getting ready for school.  That was the only electronic in my bedroom all of my childhood.  So, I guess I’ve learned to fall asleep sans electronic stimuli.

There was a stretch for a bout 4 months at the end of college when I lived on my best friend’s couch (technically, futon that was in the living rooms serving the purpose of a couch–and my bed) that I kept my laptop by under my sleeping area and checked my email and facebook right before dozing off.  But that was a short period of time that I always knew would be temporary.

I don’t like to rely on outside stimuli at night time.  And I don’t feel like right now I am.  But I do like that I now have this blog and it is serving a function of my journal for the time being.  And I often do a lot of journaling and get the most free-flowing thoughts right before bedtime.  So, my dilemma is now that this–what I am writing and you are reading–is my journal, do I take it into bed with me like I would a paper journal?  do I have this EMF emitting device so close to my sacred sleep space?  do I violate my mom’s rules of no TV in bedroom (since, technically, I watch  lot of TV now on my computer)?

But, I’m getting ahead of myself…I don’t even know if the internet signal is going to be strong enough in my room…


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One Response to late night blog dilemma

  1. dannyasahi says:

    Writing is productive and therapeutic; it’s good for you and you should do it wherever you can do it best. (The strength of the signal from your computer is very weak, much weaker than FM radio signals, so that’s really nothing to worry about.)

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