25 little-known “me” facts

1.  I have never been to NYC  (yet…)

2.  I was star-struck when Bill Nye spoke at my college.

3.  I was terrified to drive when I turned 16.

4.  I now prefer to drive if I have a choice of passenger or driver.  (control thing…)

5.  In 2nd and 3rd grade, my best friend and I would sneak back into the school building during recess and hang out and play in the bathroom.

6.  My first celebrity crush was Benny from The Sandlot, and I used to watch it and pretend I was his girlfriend and picture myself in each scene with him.

7.  I have never broken a bone.

8.  I have had 2 concussions.

9.  I played with Barbies until I was in jr. high.

10.  Watching MASH re-runs reminds me of my dad because it is one of his favorite shows and his sense of humor and looks both resemble those of Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda’s character.)

11.  My senior year of high school I purposely chose to eat lunch alone in my mom’s classroom (she taught at my high school) to avoid seeing my ex-boyfriend talking to other girls.

12.  I lost my virginity at age 17.

13.  The 4x800m relay team I ran on was 3rd in the state of Iowa my senior year of high school.

14.  I attempt to make all text messages grammatically correct whenever possible.

15.  I graduated college with a BFA in 3 years.

16.  I have a bachelors of fine arts in theatre performance from CHapman University.

17.  I lived on my best friend’s couch (futon serving as couch in living room) the last 4 months of college while at the same time starring in my first feature directed by that same friend.

18.  I have been kicked out of 3 places I’ve lived…twice by friends.

19.  I don’t like black olives, mushrooms (excluding medicinal), whipped cream, or sour cream.

20.  Nuts and/or trail mixes and dried fruit are my favorite binge foods for when I’m depressed, nervous, anxious, or bored.

21.  My ears weren’t pieced until I was 20.

22.  I really like beer and can be kind of a snob about it–I prefer beer one cannot see through.

23.  I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was 16-years-old.

24.  When googling me, it is nearly impossible to find me w/out using my middle name.

25.  I was voted Biggest Flirt by my high school graduating class.


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