My Ideal Partner…

A man who loves me and inspires me.  A man who is intrigued by me and puts time into figuring me out.  A man who has passions and dreams and goals of his own that further inspire me to achieve mine.  A man who is working hard towards the fulfillment of his dreams and who shares his visions with me.  A man very smart in his own areas of things with which  I am am not all that familiar and teaches me these things and offers me insight into them.  A man with whom I can discuss science, math, psychology, literature, philosophy, anthropology, herbs, yoga, fitness, nutrition, culture, art, education, theology, religion, history, spirituality–all intelligently and intellectually.  A man who is an amazing and fantastic lover who makes me feel comfortable and challenges me sexually.  WIth him, I achieve orgasm every time.  A man with whom I can actually sleep next to in bed every night.  A man who I can sexually please and fulfill every time.  A man who finds me gorgeously captivatingly beautiful.  A man who respects my early to bed and early to rise schedule/routine but also challenges it at times in order to encourage more spontaneity in my life.  A man who fits into my group of friends.  A man in spectacular physical shape.  Who respects his body and has a natural yet different/unique style all his own.  A man who holds my hand, my heart, and my soul all at the same time.  A man who compliments my personality.  A man who challenges and motivates m.  A spontaneous, fun man.  A man with captivating eyes and a gorgeous smile.  A man with whom I love to cuddle and who also loves to cuddle with me!  A man with whom I can talk endlessly and also sit in silence with endlessly with ease and comfort.  A man with a worldly sense and street smarts.  A man well-respected by all.  An ethical honest man.  A strong man.  A man who is established in his field but is still working towards his ultimate goals.  A man familiar with Abraham and many of the other New Age-y philosophies I’m into.  A man  I love to spend time with but understands when to give me my space and also takes time for his space too!  A amn who is funny.  A man who makes me laugh.  A man who is witty and “smartly funny”…who is also sarcastic and a bit dry with his sense of humor.  A man who gets my sense of humor.  A man who cracks me open and makes me feel comfortable that way!  A man who holds my hand an walks beside me.  A man who can smile with just the twinkle of his eye.  A man with whom I am 100% comfortable being 100% vulnerable with always.

A man who is my best friend at all times.

I choose ALL of these things.


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