I haven’t been writing about my dreams lately.  They say you’re supposed to write your dreams down when you remember them so that you’ll improve your dream recall and be able to remember them more often and with better detail and clarity.  Sometimes I write my dreams down, but most often I forget.  I don’t forget the dreams, I just forget to write them down.  In fact, when I do remember a dream upon awaking, it will often stick with me for several hours or even throughout the whole day.

Now that I’m sharing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas more, hopefully I can remember to write down as many of my dreams as possible!  ANd looking back on them, I may learn something about my subconscious…

Last night I had a dream about school lunch.  WTF?  I really did!  I had a dream that I had to go back to my hometown in Iowa.  It was weird because it was like I had to go back to school.  Not like I was in school or high school aged; rather, I was me now but had to go back to school.  I wasn’t too fond about that.  But what made it worse was lunch time.  I had to go to the lunch room (the old elementary gymnasium where we all used to eat k-12) and eat with everyone else.  And I discovered there was nothing for me to eat!  The cooks made stuff.  All the regular stuff they used to make when I was in school.  In fact, I think in the dream they had made cheeseburgers, which I used to LOVE and would eat mine plus try to see who else didn’t want theirs so I could have like 2, 3, or even 4 burgers–oh, the metabolism of youth!  But in my dream last night, I looked around at all the food I used to scarf down with glee as kid and was just so disgusted.  I couldn’t eat any of it.  And I really wanted some vegetables and some greens and there were none and they thought I was a freak and I felt bad for everyone because they were eating like crap!

There was more to the dream than just that.  In fact, there was a really big thing that I cannot quite remember fully.  It was like someone was following me around school videotaping me.  Like spying but not really hiding about it.  Then when I got mad or tried to chase him away he’d run away.  I don’t know who he was.  He didn’t look familiar and had the camera in front of his face the whole time.

Several of my high school friends were there.  But most vividly I remember Jesse.  He was kind of sort of helping protect me from this voyeuristic stalker.  (which makes sense, since Jesse was always trying to protect me and is the one person who I felt saved my life when I was 17)

And also something involving a dance or dancing…like, someone wanted to dance with me the whole dream.  Especially in the lunch room when I couldn’t eat anything.  I was annoyed but kind of frightened too…

That’s what I remember of last night’s dream.  Hopefully, I’ll remember more of my next dream after having just now worked out my brain at recalling this oddball one.


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One Response to Dreams

  1. Hanna Wilbur says:

    So, what did you find out about yourself from this dream? 🙂

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