JJS&M (:

I have three friends and my mom who helped me come to a realization this morning.  I thank them.  They have no idea how they did this.  But I do.  Their words…good and bad positive and negative understanding and not good and bad advice.  VERY VERY grateful.

Just realizing how valuably close I am to these 4 souls.  Thankful they have all been chosen into my life and for how all 4 became sudden and instant soul connections for me unquestioningly and seamlessly and familiarly.

Hoping I continue to travel through my life with these 4 diverse souls who are all only connected through me and no one else.

They will never know how vital they are to me…not even my mom.  I cannot wait to learn more of the intricate ways in which we shall be connected, grow closer, fall apart, drift away, come back, support, roll on, live, laugh, cry, love, and create stories.

many more lessons are to be learned from my unknowing teachers.  I am so glad they do not leave and do not turn away and do not get frustrated or scared.

Each is a guiding light along the path of my life.  I’m so glad I noticed each of these light and followed it.  coming from 4 directions  but all shining onto my path leading on to my (:

My path may get more difficult and more lights may be necessary to assist in showing me through the dark “valley of the shadow of death”  I am pleased with the lights I have.  If more are necessary I trust my soul to chose ones just as luminescent as the ones I’ve been given!


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  1. Sassy says:

    I love you!!!!!

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