Lions & Me

What is up with you Leos?  Well, me and Leos, I guess.  I went on an epic fail of a date with a Leo the other night.  And when I found out he was a Leo, I was like, “figures.”

I noticed via facebook that I have a LOT of Leo friends.  And then noticing just who those Leos were, I realized that every one of the been-with-but-not-dated guys that I’ve hooked up with and/or slept with but not dated has been a Leo.  (one exception who was a Sagitarius)  What’s up with my attraction for Leos when life (well, facebook, at least) is telling me that NONE of them can be or are afraid of being with me for any committed period of time?

So, perhaps I shall be suspect of these Leos.  Or just look for a good time with them.  But, oh man, they keep popping up and I keep liking them and EVERY time it’s quick and intense and no more…or perhaps I guess (with some anyway) it is several sporatic and spread out quick and intense bbursts of passion which I fall for everytime as perhaps meaning something a bit more than it is.

Oh, astrology…you really mean nothing.  Or do you?  Don’t like to subscribe to this. But I do LOVE finding patterns and watching trends.  This is one for me.  I should chart it or graph it or something.  Then I could analyze it.  I mean, what else do I have to do?  Go find another Leo to fuck?  No, they’ve all found me…another trend I noticed.  They all have pursued me and then I took notice.  So, who is the next…I’m on the lookout this time…”when’s your birthday, again?  Oh, I see…that means your into me a lot right now but don’t know what you want.  I like you.  respect that.”

hehe, this is fun…what other zodiac trends do I have…we shall see!


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One Response to Lions & Me

  1. Sassy says:

    Leos are bad news. My heart always gets broken by a leo, they’re too proud and obsessed with the main’s Mane?

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