I love the structure of language.  I always have.  Grammar.  I love it.  I adore it.  Semantics.  Word origins.  Word structure.  Sentence structure.  The way people and individuals  and groups speak and converse.  And poetry.  It took me a while to like that one.

I like the way people and individuals write.  Their individual style and structure.  I like the way words are arranged on a page and the ways it makes me feel.  I am a linguist.  Yes.  Not to be confused with a writer.  For I love language…not necessarily communicating in the written form.  The two are different.  And being a linguist is more fun, in my opinion.

I’ve known this for some time.  In fact I wrote about it over a year ago and specifically said it was something I’d revisit and at the time only to “feel about it.”  I guess I “feel” like revisiting today…

Language and communication.  So, as an actress, I am a communicator by trade.  Using language (verbal and non-verbal).  Language is all I have.  No wonder it fascinates me so!  Hmmmm, perhaps as a linguist I can be a truly transcendent actress!  Haha!  I love it!


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