The Eve of St. Agnes

I am reading The Eve of St. Agnes right now because it is referenced in a scene I am doing for my acting class.

I’m falling in love with it.  It’s longer than I expected and I would have liked to have read it all in one shot.  But I got tired last night and my computer ran out of battery power, so I took it as a sign to read later.  And right now I’m writing instead of reading.  I often procrastinate in this way–by either writing or reading depending on which one I am trying to put off.

So, I’ll be finishing it later today…but OH BOY, it is touching me!  I’m feeling it!  How had I never heard of this poem?!  I’m sure many people have because it used to be taught in school and what-not, but I for one just discovered it and am elated that my scene has forced me to read it.

Oh, acting…and the gifts you give me…big & small…I love you more each and everyday…thanks for the reminders and signposts that I’m on the right track…


So, off to Crossfit.  Then yoga.  Then perhaps tonic bar perhaps not perhaps some brekkie perhaps more putting it off because to me it is sort of considered work since it is for my class.  Then, finally, to break down and let my soul feast as I finish the epic!


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