Joyous expectation!

I think it’s funny how the last time I fell for someone–like, REALLY fell for someone–I was not only totally unaware and unprepared and unexpecting and sort of unwanting, but also at that very time I was writing in my journal how much I wanted my former love back.

No joke, every night for nearly 2 months I wrote like a little mini letter to 26 (same guy from earlier entry) about how much I loved him and how we were meant to be and how we were gonna be together again someday.  They were not long or sad, but almost like reassurances to myself.

But, as I was doing this every night during that time, I had also simultaneously met someone who in 2 months time would have me almost completely forgetting about 26.   Even when I’d be on the phone with this guy until late into the night or after having spent a few hours talking my favorite things with him, I’d go home, prepare for bed and write my nightly letter to 26 in my manifestations journal.

Oh, I love life and it’s funny ways.  It just makes me smile to remember this.  Like a reassurance that the Universe has my back.  I’m covered.  It’s all good.  What I think I want is nothing compared to what the Universe is just about to bless me with.

One thing is for sure.  I wasn’t pining then.  I was expectantly and contentedly and joyously writing these things.  They were almost all written with a smile from a positive place.  It wasn’t from a place of heart-ache.

The Universe saw my joyous expectant radiant FUN (it was fun because I was playing with the language and creating a story and a dialogue with him and my future self) and blessed me with more than I was expecting.

It can happen again.  And again.  And again.  (:

Deep breath.  Big smile.

And now off I go with joyous expectation wearing a shirt I received from 26 when I was only 15.  I still love that guy…and I still love that guy who was my surprise blessing from the universe as the unexpected reward for my joyous expectation!  (:

I’m writing joyously and expectantly right now…


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