Day 1

Day 1: done

No sugar.  Still had some carbs because that Reiki attunement today left me feeling a bit depleted and all they had there was pita bread for like 4 hours.  So, I succombed.  But still no sugar.

29 more days to go with this with my mom.  Tomorrow will be better.  I want to cut out all carbs just to see if I can do it…like when I went vegetarian in the beginning just to see if I could do it.  Well, this is another one of “those.”

But, coupling it today with keeping that spoiled brat in her room and not letting her out was difficult.  But I did that much better than I’d expected.  She only came out like twice, and I immediately scolded her and sent her away.  So, I guess it’s not that hard after all to let myself be in control.

It feels nice and reassuring.

But battling her and getting my first level Reiki attunement has seemed to take it’s toll on my body.  (that, plus a late night of crying in bed last night.)  I am feeling exhausted and weak.  So, my bed welcomes me.

These next 29 days are gonna see some major shifts.  I’ve set them in motion–and not just with the no-sugar challenge with my mom.  I may go back to my old very early bedtime just to get my body (and that bratty saboteur inside of me) disciplined for the long journey ahead.

Things look brilliant, bright, happy, and free.  But not without the hard work.  30 days of INVESTMENT!  Here I go.  Diving in deep and NOT looking back.  Allowing myself to free myself.  And begin to sing with my soul!

…that reminds me…I was gonna start singing lessons this summer too…



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