Day 3

Day 3 No Sugar: done!

Was hungry today!  But, no sugar.  had a couple slices of dried pear and like 3 golden raisins.  Do brazil nuts have sugar?  I was craving them…and not like all nuts, just brazil nuts specifically…I wanted to get brazil nut butter…haha…and went scavenging for it, but to no avail.  So I settled on a black bean casserole thingy at the deli…only had a few bites because there was a lot of gooey cheese…I only wanted the beans…been trying to load up the protein to not be as hungry.

Called my mom tonight to see how her 30 Days are going so far.  She seemed upset.  She said she got hungry and pulled a “me.”  Haha, by that she meant she binged on some peanuts and raisins…

I asked if there was anything that instigated this.  She said, there was…it was that same old job issue she’s been dealing with for about 4+ months now.  I know she is still so very depressed over this–more so than I’ve ever seen her.  I told her to stop looking at the negatives and to see all the positives in her  current situation.  (I really am just as–if not MORE–angry as she is about it, but I need to allow her her time to grieve this and be the strong one like she so often is for me.)  I also told her to CALL ME  NEXT TIME!  I said, “Sheesh, what’s the point in us doing these 30-day challenges if we aren’t going to be relying on each other when it gets tough?!”  I said, “Even if it is something emotional, if you feel your gonna ‘cheat’ on the challenge, call me first.  We’ll talk it out.  And I’ll call you for the same.”  I want her to feel comfortable sharing with me.  If I can lean on her, she can lean on me!

So, tomorrow is a new day…a new bright wonderful spectacular magnificent day that I choose to conquer and make my own!

Here we go…on to Day 4…!


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