I have a love-hate relationship with facebook.  Currently, I am living both ends of that.

I discovered via my facebook newsfeed that the father of a dear friend died today after doctors discovered he had cancer only a couple weeks ago.

I didn’t find out from a friend or a family member, but by putting clues together via multiple posts on his wall.

I’m unsure how I feel about this.  But, rather than grapple with my facebook feelings, I’m choosing to fondly remember this hilarious, laid-back, unpretentious, friendly, warm, down-to-earth, lovable man.

I remember one time in junior high going over to this friend’s house one evening after dinner to work on/rehearse for DI.  The family was just finishing up with dinner–chicken nuggets!  And if anyone knew me as a kid, they knew I’d eat anyone under the table and could pack away a whole pizza no problem–chicken nuggets were no match for me!  So, this friend’s dad offered me some.  I was being my modest self and said no thanks.  He said, “Aw, c’mon…” and loaded up a plate for me.  I ate a couple and talked to him because my friend was downstairs showering and I’d arrived early.  After this hilarious dad saw me eat a couple he proceeded to load the remaining chicken nuggets in a heap on my plate and casually insisted I take them downstairs and enjoy.

So, I did.  ANd when my friend saw my plate he laughed uncontrollably.  He didn’t believe me when I said his dad had done it.  He said, “Oh, come on…you took all those and you know it.” and some other mocking comments.  I just had his dad’s smirk in my head.  The smirk he had on his face when he loaded up my plate…as though he knew exactly what my friend would do when he saw…like he knew he was pulling a small prank on me.  I like to think that he heard my friend making fun of me and the two of us laughing uncontrollably and him just sitting upstairs laughing to himself as he watched TV.

I also like to think he still has that smirk now looking down on his family.  I didn’t know him that well.  He was very quiet and kept to himself from all I knew.  But, he was a hilarious character..a one-of-a kind human being.  His family was lucky to have him…and I was lucky to know him.

I’m thinking of them all right now…with love and a smile…


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