Day 6: moderation…

Day 6 (no sugar challenge): Done

*Well, technically, since I had to “start over” on my 30-day challenge, today could be considered Day 1, but I’m gonna stick with my counting and just “know” I’m 5 days behind…

I did pretty dang diggidy darn well today on this challenge.  I did have half of a power bar sweetened with agave, which technically does count–even though my mom would probably let it slide…I know in my conscience that I can’t.  But, I had it right after my noon CrossFit class because I felt dizzy and light-headed and thought I actually could use a short spurt in my blood-sugar and at the same time desperately needed some protein.  And, hey, the greens protein bar was in my bag…

But, still, if that was my only sugar today, yippee!  Very happy that I was able to do so well!  Very good day!  Wahoo!  And my lil’ brat stayed at bay for the most of today.  She was very quiet.  And my disciplinarian was also not too militant…which was surprisingly nice and effective.  Perhaps that was adding to part of the dilemma–I’m sure my lil brat was probably rebelling against my militaristic discipline I’ve placed upon myself for all of my life…as long as I can remember.

So, it all comes back to MODERATION!  Not spoiled and bratty and also not dictatorially militant and unfeelingly disciplinary.  Understanding.  Understanding of myself.  LISTENING to myself!  Really hearing what it is that my SELF wants/needs/chooses.

Ah…lessons learned each day.  I’m really liking and enjoying how each day of this challenge is also teaching me a new lesson about myself–what a gift!


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