weird dreams

Last night I dreamt (it bothers me that I don’t know the proper usage for dreamt v. dreamed…or even if dreamed is a word…oh bollocks!) that I was living in my old apartment in the Valley and my mom and one of my only 3 friends ever who had visited that apartment came over.  But my old apartment had furniture in it.  I never had anything more than that old couch and the massive monstrosity headache of an armoire a former hook-up/flame/”good time” buddy gave me.  But in my dream last night, I had actual furniture in that living room…like a couple nice chairs and end tables and the couch was a pull-out bed couch.  The armoire was still there but not as large as I recall it being.  But I was still sleeping in the living room, but this time not on the floor but on the pull-out bed on the couch.  My bed in my bedroom was as it was in that place before I moved out–untouched.  That room was untouched.  Immaculate.  But, when my mom and friend and I walked into the apartment it was a mess.  Not dirty nasty filthy…but like unkempt.  There were blankets strewn and the furniture was out of place and stuff was all over the kitchen table.  I apologized to my mom for the mess because I couldn’t explain it.  I thought I’d cleaned it up for her.  Turned out a cleaning lady for the neighboring apartment decided she’d clean mine as well but did a very poor job of it.  I was upset, but more so about the fact that an old friend whom I no longer speak to was mad at me.  Like, REALLY mad.  Like, I was a horrible person and no one should ever like me mad.  This was a feeling of carry-over from the previous dream I had that I can go into at another time because that one really hurt me and made me wake up kind of feeling as though I’d done something wrong or seriously offended many people or was a bad person.  Odd that a dream with such feelings led me into that dream with my old apartment and my mom…


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