Day 8

Day 8: done.  and good.  very good day!

didn’t really worry about shit today.  That pretty much says it.

I actually had breakfast, too!  And a nice one of hearty oatmeal with currants!  And then some gynostemma tea!  After I rebounded!  It felt amazing!  And didn’t rush myself to get to yoga or to CrossFit or the the gym or on a run.  I had a morning to myself–ACTUALLY to myself!  not just like 30 minutes to myself, but a couple hours!

I did eventually make it to yoga–I had to last minute sub a class at 10:00.  I hadn’t decided one way or the other about CrossFit until that class was over.  Felt I was energized enough for it and so I walked over that way and was glad I made the effort to get there for a class because I had fun with no pressure and just remembered that I LIKE it!

Same with food situation today–didn’t fucking worry about it!  And still stuck to no sugar!  Just had some fresh berries from the farmers’ market at The Grove on my walk home from my workout.  ANd, another thing, I felt so much stronger working out today having had breakfast.  I haven’t had a real breakfast in awhile.  Breakfast used to make me thow-up.  THat started in high school when I had to go in to the weight room for volleyball.  If I ate anything before that, I’d get sick.  ANd ever since then I’ve worked out in the mornings because I like that better.  So, I guess today was an experiment in actually taking the time to make breakfast first thing in the AM (not AFTER a workout) a priority before a workout…giving me ample time midday for any sort of physical activity but breakfast first and ample time to digest.  I think I’m gonna stick with it.

Other than that, had a bit of sushi that may or may not have had a bit of sugar somewhere in it…can’t always completely trust those prepackaged prepared sushis at the deli, but I didn’t worry…and I’m not worrying.

I’m smiling.

I think I’m going to be smiling.

Let’s hope for another spectacular day tomorrow!  A day of no worries.  A day of trusting me and life and the ebb and flow of both.

A day of breathing…in and out…inhale…exhale…

A day of happiness and excitement and experiment and discovery!

My day!

No worries.  All fun.


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