To Sleep…to Dream

I woke up this morning with my pants around my ankles.  Which would have been great if there’d have also been a very attractive man right next to me as well.  But, it was just me.  Also, surprising that I even had worn pants to bed as I usually just sleep naked–or at least pants-less.  But, I was wearing workout pants when I got sleepy last night at my usual time of about 10:00 and was too lazy even to take them off.  So, I wore them to bed…and must have at some point in the night got hot or something and sleepily taken them only half-way off.  That, or I had a really interesting dream…

But, I don’t think it was the dream…unless it was another one I do not recall.  Because my dream last night involved me in my elementary/JH/high school cafeteria (it was all the same–my school was small–it was actually the elementary gym that we ate in.)  I was going to lunch.  I wasn’t in school–I was the right now me.  I got dismissed for lunch.  I think I was in my JH science room.  (which actually doesn’t exist anymore, since they’ve torn down that old building.)  I had to go to the bathroom & so I went to the bathrooms by the cafeteria/gym in the hall near the 1st grade rooms. (I do not know if these are 1st grade rooms anymore…)  This made me a bit later than everyone else getting to lunch.  But when I got in the gym/lunch room, I cut to the front of the line because obviously I had the most seniority.  (Seniority was enforced in my high school, and if you were an upper classman you could cut in front of those beneath you.)  Lunch had almost all been served.  It was one of my favorites–chicken gravy over biscuits.  I used to ALWAYS try to get at least one extra biscuit from one of my friends in addition to an extra given by a lunch lady at my request.  But, in this dream, I was not that overly-enthusiastic about the chicken gravy & biscuits.  I felt rushed like I had to eat fast…which is funny/ironic because that is how I feel for most of my lunches (if you can even call what I eat midday that) now.  I didn’t even finish the meal or even try to get any seconds.  I had to eat fast in the dream because there was tryouts or auditions or something like that taking place over the lunch period.  I didn’t want to miss it and I was already late because of the bathroom detour.

I guess these tryouts or whatever they were were taking place right there in the lunch room and were already beginning to get underway.  I had to hurry and go scape my tray and get it cleared and be ready to listen to instructions and get my place!  EVERYONE it seemed was trying out for whatever it was we were trying out for!  This was so bizarre, why was everyone there?  Why were they ALL so interested all of a sudden?

We were being paired off or partnered up or grouped off with groups that we’d be working with.  I wanted to be with my friends.  But I was put with a bunch of people that I didn’t even know…which is weird because I knew EVERYONE at my school!  I was kind of disappointed, kind of not.  Everything was happening so fast.

Then, it turns out the groups we were put in were for some secret covert undercover spy operation, and I was really confused and didn’t really want to do it but for some reason I felt like I had to fore everyone else and in order to later get to do what I wanted to do.

And that’s about all I remember.

I’m trying to write down more of my dreams as  soon as I wake up or as soon as I remember them.  And since I’ve been telling myself to do this, it seems I’ve had more dreams…or more vivid dreams.  Not yet trying to figure out their meanings.  Just letting them come to the surface and tell me what they have to say…



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