No Plan…Just a Dance…

“There is no plan.”

This was a simple statement from one of my unknowingly BRILLIANT yoga students this morning.  During a very brief post-yoga conversation, we were talking about how life seems to be completely stress-free right after a yoga practice.  And about how stress and nerves and anxiety and worry can pile up on the “outside world.”  I said something like how I can get myself all worked up sometimes thinking that I have things planned out responsibly and then something happens that doesn’t go according to plan.  Jokingly and with a chuckle and a smirk, this sage of a young woman said, “There is no plan.”  It hit me–hard!  I just said something like, “Yeah…yeah, I think you’re right.”

Then she left, but her comment did not.  It has stuck with me all day long!  There is no plan!  I find so much comfort and freedom in that statement.  It is oh SO freeing!  NO PLAN!  Just have fun!  THERE IS NO PLAN!

Perhaps there is no fate.  No destiny.  I do believe there is a greater design, but IT is ever-evolving and ever-changing with our feelings.  It is a dance.  There is not plan…only a dance.  THere is no plan to life; rather, there is a dance to life.  ANd it is not choreographed.  It is improvised…because the music is unknown.  The music of life is improvised as well.

There is no plan because there is nothing beyond this moment.  How can you plan the moment?  If I am living in the moment, then I cannot plan it or any future moments or anything else.  I can only live it, experience it, love it, and dance it.

I love dance.  I love dancing.  I talk about it a lot…a lot less than I do it…well, in public anyway.  I’m a private time dancer.  I’m a shower (and bathtub) dancer.  I dance in the shower rather than sing in it.  I dance between lifting sets at the gym.  I dance when waiting in line.  I dance the aisles of the grocery store if I think no one is around or no one is looking.  I dance when I’m walking (but only if I’m not reading and walking because dance-read-walking I haven’t mastered yet.)  I dance when I’m cooking or preparing food (which is way to rare of an occurrence, but is steadily increasing.)  I dance when I’m cleaning or putting things away.  I dance when I’m doing laundry.  I dance watching TV if it’s not too late and I’m not too pooped.  What I rarely do is dance at a club or out or with people or in public.  I RARELY dance for other people.  I have only ever danced for performance those 4 years I finally decided to take dance lessons in high school, and even then I thought I was not that good at all.  But, I still loved and still do love to dance!  Perhaps I should have been a dancer…no, I’m the me I’m supposed to be.  And I am a dancer!  Dancing my life instead of planning it!  (:


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