Day 10

Day 10: done…we’re in the double digits now…

Well, I did have 3 B.E.D. cookies…and some sushi with brown rice…and part of an egg salad sandwich…but, I LOVE that I did!  I am really loving…didn’t know what to say I’m loving, so just loving!  (:

I’ve been noticing little signs everywhere today.  I’ve been noticing the little winks from God today…little smiles everywhere brightening my day…cheering me up…keeping that pep in my step…keeping me DANCING!

Right now nothing is wiping the smile off of my face.  I’m still working on the accepting and loving of me ALLWAYS, but in this moment, it’s a bit easier.  Effortless.  Not gonna think about future moments or past patterns of moments.  I’m just smiling right now.  Not even thinking about tomorrow.  I love today.

Feeling some stuff coming up.  Some stuff that is not quite ready to come out.  Perhaps that is my tomorrow.  We shall see…


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