Good night makes for good morning…

had a most amazing dream last night!  Oh My God!  I don’t even want to describe it for fear I will not do it justice.  But, my intentions before going to be last night, I’m SURE played a huge part in my subconscious’s choice of fantasy and entertainment.  Before I went to bed last night, I was thinking of how for the first time in my adult (or even semi-adult) life I feel I am not only ready, but dare I say want a partner/boyfriend/lover.  This is a new feeling for me.  And actually, I have been avoiding it and pushing this feeling away because it is so unfamiliar to me.  But, it’s there and last night before going to bed I acknowledged it and welcomed it.  I kind of did some feeling about my perfect mate and even did some visualization work and then imagined going to bed with this dream partner.  And I told myself that I’d go to bed with him and sleep next to him and wake next to him until his presence wasn’t just a feeling but an actuality.

…and I guess his subconscious somewhere responded because he joined me in sleepy-dreamy land.  At least his feeling did.

It’d be awesome if he’d come back again tonight…


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