Day 14

Day 14: Done

Wanted to eat like everything today.  But I was not hungry really at all.  I just wanted to eat.  Period started today.  That could explain a lot…or it could just be an excuse for a lot.

The CrossFit gym I’ve been obsessively going to (didn’t go today, though) is starting a 2 month Paleo challenge beginning September 1st.  And for some reason, I just got really interested in it the past two days.  The actual challenge they are doing comes with some other stuffy-stuff and costs some $.  You also get a body fat test and the person with the largest percentage decrease in body fat over the 2 months wins a cash prize.  I love a competition.  I’d love to try it.  So, considering it.  Tried a modified Paleo day.  I still had my morning oatmeal (absolutely no grains on Paleo) and I had a raw brownie and sampled a raw cacao truffle at Erewhon today.  But, other than that,  I had salmon and mustard for lunch.  I also had some turkey meatballs with chard and spinach, a green juice, a lot of astragulus, 2 figs, some currants (too many…), and sugar snap peas right now as I write this (which is way to close to bedtime to be eating, but period…right…good excuse for anything…)  Oh and I also sampled the banana bread pudding at Whole Foods when I went there to get some ground turkey to possibly make my own turkey meatballs this week while I experiment out how I do Paleo-y.

Oh, I love making my life an experiment.

Very very shocked that I’m all ok with–and more than that, actually enthusiastic about–this Paleo thing.  Especially since I was vegetarian for 5 years and most of my California life I’ve never eaten meat.  And this doesn’t seem like a big thing to me.  I think it’s because it is kind of tied with a competition and I thrive on that.  And it is a new challenge for me and my body and I like challenging myself in very new ways.  In fact that was a major reason why I went vegetarian that freshman year of college–I though it would be a challenge and I wanted to meet it.

Well, here’s the next one.

So, when not rehearsing or working on my character stuff for the next film I’m doing next month, I was researching the Paleo diet and Paleo-friendly recipes.  Even planning on getting some bison at Rawsome on Wednesday since I couldn’t make it over there today.

I’ll still eat oatmeal, though.


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