No Words

“no words”

This is my new expression.  I have been feeling exactly this a lot lately.  And today when a friend texted me some amazing exclusive news, I texted this statement back…because that was all I could say at that moment.

You know when your soul and your heart and feel something that even to put it into words would be a doing the feeling a disservice?  That is “no words.”  ANd I feel it a lot.  It’s really, “no words–just feeling.”  It’s when I cannot even utter a sound comparable to the surge of feeling coursing through the entirety of my being.  “No words” is the language of the soul.

It is a real genuine smile.  It is a flower.  It is a hug.  It is someone I love.  It is a child crying.  It is a song.  It is the ocean.  It is the sky.  It is a sunset/sunrise.  It is midnight all alone beneath the sea of stars.  It is true love.  It is a kiss.  It is passion.  It is hate.  It is birth.  It is death.  It is the beach all to yourself.  It is creation.  It is an idea.  It is the connection of two souls.  It is a dance!  It is my life…no words.


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