Day 15

Day 15: done

not a lot I wanna talk about today.  Not that it was a bad day.  It was pretty good–I spend a lot of it with just me!  And the parts not with me involved yoga, brunch with my yogi friend, CrossFit, and a rehearsal for my acting class.  The rest was all me with me!  Chose not to go to a party.  Also chose not to feel guilty about not going.  Felt so good.  What a nice Sunday.  Even did some cooking for myself.  Chicken with steamed chard and purple cabbage.  and a blueberry kombucha a-chugged as I did my cooking.  I don’t cook enough.  That’s changing.  It is a great “me” activity.  A great activity that allows me to be with me and to LOVE me!  I need more loving myself activities.  And I’m so glad I allowed for that.

But, since it was just me and being quite satisfied and content with me, I am feeling, well, satisfied and content.  Content is more common for me than satisfied.  I am so very unfamiliar with this feeling.  In fact, I really was not quite sure what that feeling was until just now.  Quite satisfied.  But, like a motivated satisfaction…one that is seeking more of itself…higher levels of this feeling.


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