Today is for Me!

I woke up and said that this morning.  First thing to pop into my head.  ANd it wasn’t contrived or forced or like one of those things you say to motivate yourself or make yourself feel better.  No, it was like a statement of fact.  It felt so right.

Then I did one of those sexy-arch-your-back-roll-all-over-the-bed stretches.  Ya know, those ones that take like 5 minutes to fully execute and leave the bed more disheveled than the whole night’s sleep did.  Yeah, one of those stretches!  (:

I like Mondays.  And I like mornings.  So, whereas most people hate Monday mornings, I LOVE them!  And it’s not just because I don’t have a typical “real” job.  Even when I did, I still loved Mondays, and Mondays were and still are my best days at work.  I work best on Mondays.  I get the most done on Mondays.  I like the feeling of a new beginning.  I LOVE starting new things.  I’m a better starter than finisher…wait, not true, I am a good finisher too…it’s the middle part that I’m not always good at.  But, I always have the most enthusiasm, motivation, excitement, energy, openness, willingness, smiles, ideas, clarity, focus, determination, joy in the beginnings of things.

I think that’s why I always LOVE the start of a new semester or a new class in school.  I was a sprinter in track (until my dad made me run 800s senior year…which I simply attempted to sprint) because I knew that my energy is something that is like lightning in the beginning!

But it is an energy that–just like lightning–is powerful and brilliant and awe-inspiring…and brief…

I like to finish things right away.  I want to be done.  I want to be done so I can go play!  It is the pre-schooler/kindergartener in me who just wants to finish the printing papers (the only thing I ever got a D on in elementary school…) so I can be the first to go play!

I heard someone say once that the day of the week on which you were born is “your day.”  By this he meant not the date which is obviously your birthday; rather, he meant the day of the wee that it was when you were born.  He said that according to some sort of astrology, that day is typically the day on which you thrive because that is the day that you chose to come into this world.  So, each week on that day, you are more likely to just have things go your way or be in a better mood because of your energetic connection to it.

I was born on a Monday.  At 8:40AM.  (Which would have been 6:40AM in California and could maybe kinda sorta explain why I didn’t start loving my early mornings until I moved to CA…could…)


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