woke up anxious…and remedied it MYSELF

I can choose to feel bad today…or I can choose to feel good.

Right now my soul wants to feel good and my mind wants to feel bad.  WHat is up with that?!

I guess there’s just a couple things the Universe felt I was not supposed to do today even though I had other plans and ideas on that…

Oh, acceptance…you’re so much easier to think about than to do…no, wait, not really.  Actually the opposite is true.  And for some reason in this moment right now I am choosing the hard way instead of the easy way.  Oh!  I so want to NOT do that!

Yeah, yeah, I can hear that voice saying, “so don’t.”  What is holding me back from actually listening to that voice and taking it’s advice.

Hmmmm, perhaps that pesky ego of mine.  Always trying to protect me thinking no other parts of me have any intelligence.  That is so not true.  I am very intelligent in many ways and have let my ego bully me.

Well, not today, ego!  Please, just stay out of it…please!  Let today be fun and in no way contingent upon yesterday!  nope, not gonna get me there!  I will NOT be stuck there.  Not today…today is my day.  I am too valuable for it not to be!  No more “what if’s” about seeming mistakes that only look that way in hindsight.

In fact, look at what a gift I’ve been given!  I just learned something today!  Something new!  How wonderful is that?!  I love learning new things.  Yes, what a gift I gave myself of learning something new!  It wasn’t a mistake.

Oh, thank you Universe for making it all work for me!  I can’t wait for all the other new things I’ll learn today!


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