Day 17

Day 17: done
Yeah, this is getting a whole lot easier. This whole sugar-free thing, that is. It’s actually become fun to plan meals! And to make new things! LIke turkey meatballs today. They were my first foray into cooking meat on my own since, really, well, ever…! Considering that I became a vegetarian shortly after moving out of my parents’ home. So, since this year has seen me dabble more with actually eating meat…and being quite daring in this dabbling considering the raw bison tartare…
Also noticed today that since I’ve started to keep this blog and be committed to just writing whenever I’m feeling. Not just WHATEVER I’m feeling. I think the WHENEVER is the key here. Because I am now noticing that ideas and feelings are flooding in more often. Feeling like there is no longer a dam holding them all back for large chunks of time until they eventually spill over or altogether break the dam. I feel like I’m more in tune with my feelings and more accepting and allowing of my own ideas. Not just that, but I noticed today that I am also allowing myself to sit with these feelings and ideas. Not to try and force them or to find out there origin and/or outcome…or what’s at the other end…what’s the final product of these feelings. No, rather, I am sitting with them and getting much better at being the observer of myself and just watching where these feelings and ideas go. Being along for the journey. Allowing myself to surprise myself.

Like letting my soul make movies!


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