My guarded heart

Put a desire in my heart.
and thank you.
Yes, the desires of my heart are always given so instantaneously it seems. They are so true.
So, does that mean all these things that I want but keep eluding me are really not desired from my heart? Interesting quandry.
Please put the desire in my heart that is true. Those desires that bring happiness.
I love the feeling of a desire in my heart. NOT of a desire of my intellect. Those are so bland. No feeling. Yes, that’s it. A desire devoid of feeling falls flat. Haha, well, that is something I’ll have to remedy. Especially because I tend to separate my feelings from myself.
Not anymore. I am not only seeing but FEELING and EXPERIENCING and LIVING what it is to receive my heart’s desires.
And, I’ll be honest, my heart’s desires–the deeeeeeeepest ones–scare me. I never ever would’ve could’ve admitted that before this moment just now. But, I have a frickin’ powerful, passionate, firy, ALIVE heart. It burns and yearns and aches and DESIRES. It desires so much that the little things it can’t hold back. And I’ve watched myself so easily receive these little things that I’ve felt I can no longer guard because I’m trying too hard to hold back the really big juicy things.

Oh please no more. I desire desire. I allow fore desire. Oh, that my heart’s desires would break the walls I’ve built around it…


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