Day 19

Day 19: done

yeah.  it’s done.  finally feeling like LA summer here.  So, that means that our apartment is hot b/c we have no AC.  Not complaining, I’m used to no AC in California.  Not really needed.  And this summer has been so mild that today was like the first hot day…August 19th!  Just open the windows in my room and let the cool non-humid night air breeze in.  Also good whether for no pants!

Day started off iffy if not bad.  Became transformative.  Ended wonderful and amazing.  Leaving me so grateful for people old and new and lessons and life and unexpected trials and adventures.  I guess that’s life, isn’t it.   😉

Pretty sure I’m gonna do the Paleo Challenge at CrossFit Hollywood for the next 2 months.  I’ll have my decision by Monday…

Also, applying to lululemon again possibly…

Thinking of my parents this week as they started yet another school year at Woodbine High School.

Grateful for my self-appointed life coach today.  Even though he and I haven’t really talked in days…his influence was felt massively and subtly (both at the same time, too!) today.  Sending him waves of love, light and smiles both massively and subtly.

Grateful for my little brother and the rest of my family today.

Grateful for my artistic yogi friend for his craziness keeping me grounded.

Grateful for my imagination and creativity.

Grateful for CrossFit and the people I’ve met there and the community of support it brings from people who would otherwise just be strangers.  Grateful for challenging myself and seeing/feeling tangible results today!  Also, grateful for some of the good looking CrossFit men who made cameos in my dream last night…

Greatful for my tonic bar peeps.  Such lovely vibrant glowing people.  Grateful to have met someone so new and fascinating tonight.  That’s always a bonus to any day!

Grateful for my roommate who is indescribably amazing and understanding.  For him, there are no words.

Grateful for AJ and her ever-present friendship.  ANd also for her little post-its cheer-me-up comment.  It sooooooooo was just what my heart was asking for and sooooooo needed and sooooooooooo appreciated.

Grateful that my facebook wife got it when I sent her that email this morning.  I love that she gets me.  That’s just one of the reasons we’re cyber-married.

Grateful that I’m going to bed with a smile.  That is a successful day…even if I have nothing tangible to show for it, a smile supersedes anything else I could’ve been given.  And right now in my life, a smile is all I have and all I have to give.  It is all of me…and I gladly and openly share it…and am getting so much more comfortable sharing more of me with more of everyone.

I love that I just unintentionally stream-of-consciously wrote a gratitude journal entry for today.  AWESOME!


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