Day 23…late

Day 23: done…been done for several hours now.

Was actually an easy day.  Hey, no sugar part was easy.  Saying “no” to the bite-sized cheeses on the little crudites plate at a rehearsal for my acting class didn’t happen, though.   So instead of having the carrot cake or chocolate cake my lovely host offered, I ate all the salty snacks!  Yay for improvising a craving!  Hehe!

But got home last night after a casting that went WAY too late to discover my internet connection was screwy.  So, I went to bed early but had trouble falling asleep ABOVE the covers because it was still a bit hot in my non-AC’d room.  Listened to a hypnosis/meditation track & that helped.  And for some reason, the last thing I remember thinking about was which of my friends I would have sex with…oh, the impending full moon…yeah, we’ll blame it on that…

Got up a bit late (6:15AM..15 minutes later than my usual) and didn’t get around to catching up on yesterday’s accountability (aka: this post) until after CrossFit & yoga.  And now I’m writing it on the Dancing Shiva computer while I finish my cold oatmeal (It’s sooooooooooooo good cold when it’s hot outside and yet you’re still craving the mushy cereal!) and my teacher is giving a dosha session in the other room.

Just felt like admitting to using the yoga center’s computer while I’m being all accountable and all…


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