Day 24

Day 24:  done

ate a lot of fruit today.  but that makes sense, since it’s finally decided to be summer here in LA and it has been really pretty hot these past few days.  so, naturally, one would crave fruits.   they are cooling according to Ayurveda and help reduce pitta.  (:  so, that’s the only sugar I had today.  when it’s hot food doesn’t look good.  but that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat a lot.  I went to TOWN on pears, plums, peaches, half a banana, fresh apples from Ojai…yum yum yum to it all!  it’s summer–the season all of these things are in abundance.  so, I took a cue from Nature and helped myself to her abundance!  didn’t even really crave nuts at all–and those are my usual crave/pig-out food.  nope.  too hot for those.  I didn’t eat like a squirrel today.  (my best friend says I eat like a squirrel…)  today it was just gimme some juicy fruits!  of course I ate other things too, like my staple lately of starting the day with oatmeal.  (but that’s gonna have to change for the rest of the week–it’s just too hot!)  and then some rice cakes and peanut butter on set, which I’d say was the guiltier indulgence because it was a lot of that processed Jif peanut butter with all the trans fats and all–yum!  I had a friend in college who was kind of hippy-esqe (more so than I) who was in to food politics and organic and local and sustainable and all that.  and one time we were talking about our guilty pleasures/indulgences/etc. and she said she hated the health foodie/all-natural peanut butters.  I remember her saying, “I like my peanut butter WITH trans fats and that’s one food item I’ll stick to being unhealthy.”   oh, and today also saw some massive amounts of cucumber–which is also a fruit, btw, and is in the same family as the watermelon.  just a fuf (fun useless fact) for the day.

hehe, I just rambled about food and REALLY enjoyed it!  (:


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