Day 25

Day 25:  done

Yeah…still craving the fruit and cold oatmeal.  I guess that’s my go-to hot-day food.  Yum Yum!

CrossFit was awesome today.  Signed up for the upcoming Paleo challenge starting on September 1st.  I get my initial body fat test this weekend…yikes!  But I guess if it is a high % then I just have more room for improvement which means better chances at beating everyone else in the challenge!!  I also have to take a ‘before’ photo.  But, not too worried about that.  I mean, these past two months have seen some lines start a-forming on my abdomen…(:

Acting class tonight was AWESOME!  Really liking this new class that doesn’t go for like 6 hours!  Great people who are actually pushing me and helping me each and every week.  Feel like I’m really growing & learning…and ready for something big…because I know the Universe has it for me…I’m ready, BABY!


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