Day 27

Day 27: almost done

I can’t say it’s officially done because even though it is after 11:00–which means an hour past my usual bedtime–I am still not really ready for bed and am also still eating my 2nd dinner…tuna sushi from Whole Foods.  Not the best, but certainly not the worst either.  I just finished some of their wheatberry salad too.  This is my indulgence for the day…oh, and a couple bites of a vegan carrot cake this morning.  Especially since I was too busy to eat all day long.  But, I did still get my cold steel cut oatmeal in…yummy!

Ate at M Cafe today and noticed that I didn’t even take a gander at their desserts.  Sugar cravings are becoming a major thing of the past.  (:  Other than peaches, pears, and plums lately.  Those are the fruits I’m craving this week.

I like how it seems that I am cooperating with (oh, it’s 11:11 right now!) myself more and more lately.  Even though I do have my setbacks.  I have major reason to be depressed and in that I just give up state, but I’m not.  And that feels great!

Learning to trust.  Learning I know everything and nothing.  Learning I love all and yet have no idea how to love.  Learning that I want it all.  I always knew that.  But accepting it.  Why do I want it all when I really already have it all and just need to accept that and live it?  I want it all yet keep pushing it all away because I both want gifts and have difficulty accepting them.

Well, THAT whole paragraph was me google-earthing NOT to my advantage.  Scratch that.

Today was good.


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