Day 29

Day 29: done

Gonna stop with the documenting as of today.  First of all, getting too creepishly close to the numbering of days in Mexico and not comfortable with what it is bringing up emotionally/anxiety-wise.  Also, because today I started a new challenge that is just taking this no-sugar one to the next level–8 week CrossFit Paleo/Zone challenge.  Had body-fat tested today.  (not happy that it has doubled in the past 3 years…)  Did an insane workout to test initial strength, agility, and endurance that will be tested later at the end of the 8 weeks.  Was partnered with another participant and our scores will be dependent upon one another–that means motivation and accountability to this challenge!  Had a before photo taken in my bathing suit.  Had an all-around fun day and 5 full hours at CrossFit Hollywood.  Winner gets a cash prize!  Score is based on change in % of body fat, improvement on the workout tests today (they included a 3 minute row for max calorie burn, deadlifts, overhead squats, pull-ups, L-sits, and a timed 800-meter run), keeping a food journal (honor system here…) on Paleo/Zone diet–which means that all I can eat for the next 8 weeks is fruit, veggies, oils/nuts/seeds, and eggs/meat (all this for a former 5-year vegetarian just recently returned to animal foods…haha)–on drinking over 64oz of water each day, and on sleeping 8hours each night.  The journal thing is on the honor system.  And also scored on working out each week at CrossFit.

But, I’m fucking gonna win this shit!  I LOVE competition!  I thrive on it.  YES!  A game…so to speak…

So, new challenge.  New accountability.  Improvement on Self!  Transformation.  It all feels so great!  May be keeping my journal on here.  It is much easier that way.

oooooh, here we go!  I’m a-gonna be in better shape than I’ve ever been!  I declare it now!

Oh, and by the way.  My current celebrity crush just went from mild to insane.  I had a mild crush on Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory.  He won the Emmy tonight and I found out we share a birthday.  And his full name is James Joseph Parsons…coincidence…?…oh, we are so meant to be…he and I are gonna meet…yes, probably on the set of his show–this year!  (:


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