Re-visiting th written word

Writing and typing are different.  Typing isn’t writing.  Not how I know it, anyway.  I don’t get that same feel typing word as I do writing them.

I have really sloppy handwriting.  I always have.  I remember the first D I got in school.  It was on a printing paper in 1st or 2nd grade.  I cried.  And my mom made me sit with it and “think” about it for twenty minutes in our living room.  She let me know that was unacceptable.  The C’s I’d been getting and thereafter continued to get were not desirable but acceptable.  A D was not.  I just always wanted to get through and finished with it all so that I could have “free time.”

But, I soon realized the reasoning behind all of those printing papers…oh, those elementary teachers are smart…because I now am left with nearly illegible handwriting.  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love how sloppy my handwriting is.  I love the character of it.  I think that you can tell a LOT about someone from his or her handwriting.

I notice that my mood can be inferred from my handwriting.  It is like tone on the phone!  I feel one can convey so much more in handwritten writing.

But, when my mind REALLY gets going and my ideas are coming a mile a minute, my handwriting displays this.  And much of my most passionate and inspired writing is nearly illegible to anyone–sometimes even to me!

But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since I’ve started writing in blog form, I’ve handwritten a bit less.  Then, the past few days, it picked up quite a bit again.  I think this was just because my ideas kept coming to me when I was not near a computer.  But, it kind of felt like going home for a visit.  Like, I don’t live there anymore but the time there feels so good and welcoming and inviting and so easy.

Now, I have two homes–one on the page and the other on the keyboard.  (:

Thank you Journal!  Thank you handwriting.  THank you hands!  Thank you Inspiration!!


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