Just stepped it up!

Ok, so I did start to loathe the numbering days I was doing with the 30 days no sugar.  But, I did like that it kept me accountable each and every day.

So, recently I started the 30 Paleo/Zone challenge at my CrossFit gym here in Hollywood.  The whole Zone part is harder than the Paleo part b/c I have to track all of my proteins, carbs, and fats and log them and add them up and shit.  Not something I’m used to, but with this challenge I could win a few hundred bucks, some new workout shoes, and gift certificate for free massages and other shit.  So, yeah, I wanna win!

But, having started the challenge full force on this past Wednesday, I figured I might as well step it up…because my team (we’re paired with another participant to keep us accountable) gets points for most body fat % lost.  So, why not make it B.E.D./Paleo/Zone challenge?  Ok, sure…I just did.

I mean, it’s not like it’s that much different.  Paleo diet already says I can’t have any grains or sugar or dairy.  Body Ecology Diet just adds the cultured veggies and 80/20 and much less fruit.  So, nicely paired, I think.  I’ll just have to stop the mid afternoon snacks of plums and pears and peaches for the time being. With this, I’ll get in shape AND get my inner ecology nice and happy and healthy!  (I would say cleansed/detoxed but I feel the same way about those terms as I do ‘healing‘.)

We’ll see how this goes.  I think it could really amp up my new diet/lifestyle plan and increase my teams chances of being the Paleo Champions!



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