I talk too much about CrossFit…

How do I feel today?

One of the trainers at the CrossFit gym I’ve been going to lately (and talking incessantly about) asked me that today.  In fact, one the trainers there asks me that just about every time I’m there.  And not like the casual greeting, but usually during the middle of a really tough workout he’ll calmly and with a smirk ask, “How does this make you feel?”  My response is usually one of two things–either weak or strong.

Today one of the trainers asked me this after the workout.  He asked it in regard to this whole Paleo challenge they’ve devised and in which I am a participant.  He wanted to know how the first week of it all has been going for me.  He wanted to know very specifically how it was affecting me and how it was making me feel.

Part of this challenge is too keep a food journal.  I’ve been doing that because I get points for it.  But, it is really just a food log.  We’re supposed to have the trainers look it over once a week and make suggestions and mark us off and such.  Today I brought it in and being all sweaty and feeling very very accomplished after a brutal workout just simply wanted to be marked off for having completed the week and brought the journal in.

The trainer ended up talking to me for nearly 45 minutes!  I was getting a little antsy because a lot of the stuff he was saying was stuff I already know–like suggesting grass-fed, free-range, organic meats (hahaha, yeah, like I hadn’t thought of that ever before…)  So, I just let him talk and go off on his nutrition schpeel giving no indication that I’d heard it all before and probably had a slightly better knowledge of health and nutrition than he did.

But then at the end of it all, he asked how I was feeling…like, how I was feeling after all of these dietary changes I’d made.  I told him I hadn’t really felt much except for a bit more tired and I didn’t even really know if that was the diet change or the fact that this week has been like 3x busier than usual or a combination of the two.  He said that he was impressed with my extensive food journal and documenting of all my intake.   He then suggested that at the end of each day to record in my journal how I’m feeling on a 1-10 scale.  He said it would be a great way to track my progress because how I feel about it all and during it all makes a HUGE difference.  He said just a score for the day on how you feel overall.  Or even just a one-sentence comment on the day.  He said that when I look back over it, it will be really interesting and helpful to see where I was each and everyday–like from a feeling place.  But he didn’t say “feeling place.”  He’s a trainer.  I inferred the feely stuff.  Even though I like to think that on some level of his consciousness that’s what he meant and felt too.  (Oh, if he only knew I was blogging about his consciousness!  HAHAHAHAHA!!)

I liked his suggestion.  I really really liked it.  And not just for this challenge–but for the challenge of LIFE!  At the end of the day, how do I feel…on a scale from 1-10?  No big words.  No long blogs.  Just honesty from my soul.  What is today?  Not a score, just a number to sum up the entirety of my feeling self…a number to express the previous 24hours and all the happenings, events, feelings contained therein.

You know, I’ve always always felt my spiritual practice is intertwined with my fitness practice.  Prior to yoga, running was my meditation before I was meditating in a still seated lotus posture.  Lifting weights at the gym, I can completely tune out my surroundings–without the need for an ipod in my ear–and just go to a very Zen place where I really do deeply connect with my real Self.

My friends often wonder why I workout so much.  And yes, part of it is that I have a slight image problem in that I always think I’m too fat.  But, on a deeper level, working out is so closely tied to my Spirituality and my inner Self…it is my form of prayer.

Thanks for your insight CrossFit trainer!  😉


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