facebook fascinates

“so-and-so friend” and “so-and-so friend” like “the very popular Comedy Central news-like show”.

I just saw this on facebook.  And wow!  It was one of those revelation moments where I was like, “hmmm, we really are so very very similar…all of us human beings.”

Because these two so-and-so’s could not be any more different…or so I thought.  One is a yogi from birth.  Grew up on an ashram.  Been to India.  Teacher of the yoga.  Multi-ethnic.  Has an Eastern yogic name.  Exudes peace and friendliness.  Warm and loving.  The other one is a friend from my home town with a name just as–if not more–generic than mine.  This person has been addicted to several drugs.  Drinks all the time.  Has been in jail.  Just about as WASP-y as me.  LIkes to hunt.  Has a short temper.  Has been known to punch a girlfriend.  Barely finished high school.

Yet, they both like the same stuff.

We really aren’t all that different.

If these two saw one another somewhere.  They’d assume they had nothing in common.  They’d probably make the pre-judgment that they weren’t going to like one another.  In fact, pre-judgments would be rampant.

Yet, I can clearly see, that they aren’t as different as both would probably like to believe.  I mean, hey, they are both my friends on facebook, so not only do they like the same show, but they like at least one of the same person 😉

So very fascinating to me.  I can’t really put it much more into words than that.  But, it just really struck me seeing that on my News Feed.  Like, those two would NEVER be in the same room.  Never would I expect a sentence involving them together.  And, yet, there it was…on facebook.

Oh, so timely, you are facebook…are you doing this to promote your new movie opening this weekend…?…


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