New Month

October is here!  I don’t know why that all so suddenly made me excited.  I am writing this at Dancing Shiva b/c I said I’d open up for someone.  As I walked here, I knew I was gonna have some down time just sittin’ here at the computer, so I decided on my way that sit down and write I shall!

Why?  Because I feel like writing something today.  Something good and positive because I have not really been feeling that way today.  But when I write I usually end up feeling that way.  Hmmm, sign perhaps?  Yes, perhaps, but I’m still fighting it/not-quite-fully-open-to-it/just-letting-it-flow-and-not-forcing.  Yeah, that’s it.  Kind of reminds me of the other night painting in an oh-so attractive man’s Hollywood Hills bungalow overlooking the city…but…that’s another story altogether 😉

So, yeah…OMG, cannot believe it is October already!  Back to what I said, I don’t know why this is exciting me so.  Perhaps it could be that my best friend’s film–which I’m in!–starts production TOMORROW!  New adventure!!  But, I think it is something subtler.  I almost always like October.  Many of my closest friends have birthdays in early/mid October.  It is a really ‘change’ month.  Like,  you can really see/feel change–especially in the seasons back in Iowa.   But also here in LA.  I can feel a change.  It is that fall change.  Nights start getting longer.  Days are shorter.  It seems like Earth begins to prepare for the change of seasons no matter where you are.  There is also an energetic change.  And, well, I like change!  Yeah, that’s probably why I like this month.  But, who needs a ‘why’, right…?…

But, I cannot believe that 2010 is nearly over!  WHAT?!  Only 3 more months?!  NO!  I really really really really liked this year!  I like 2010!  I may be sort of attached to it.  And I have no real rational reason why…but once again…who needs a ‘why’…?…;)

Oh, and since it is a new month–new Mom & Me 30-day Challenge!  This month is 30 days of The Lord’s Prayer said very first thing each morning right upon awaking.   Both my mom and I started our 30-day Challenges because we wanted to better ourselves.  Most have been nutrition of fitness challenges since we started back in July.  But, I know that both of us crave challenges in ALL areas of our lives.  I’ve been doing the Ganesha mantra for a few weeks because some of us instructors from Dancing Shiva decided to all do it.  When September began to wind down, I thought of what my mom and I could do for our next challenge.  Since I’m still doing this Paleo challenge with CrossFit (don’t ask, not fully satisfies with it, but sticking it out), I didn’t want ANOTHER nutrition/fitness challenge.  I thought about how I like to be challenged intellectually and spiritually.  ANd I thought of all the many differences my mom and I have in these areas…and also all of the MANY similarities as well.  I know my mom is a devout woman.  She was raised a Catholic and wanted to be a nun for much of her early childhood.  She–like me–has always had a very strong spiritual connection.  Both her and my dad, actually.  I’m so very grateful they both passed that on to me…and to my brothers as well.

My spiritual journey has taken me further (I DEFINITELY won’t say deeper, though) in terms of broad spectrum spiritual connection.  I’m New-Agey, I guess.  And in my samplings I’ve taken what I like and left (or tried to leave….) what I didn’t.  When I first started doing yoga, I didn’t like the whole mantra thing.  I thought it was boring and I didn’t understand it and it didn’t make sense.  I didn’t see how jibberish repeated over and over was spiritual.  I didn’t see how reciting mantras was any different than prayer…in English or Hebrew or any language.  But, I nonetheless tried it.  I still can’t say that I “get” it.  But, it does help calm me and get me a bit more grounded when I’m feeling a bit anxious and stressed.  Just like prayer used to…and still does.  It’s just now a mixture of prayer in Sanskrit mantra form or in English-let’s-have-a-chit-chat-with-the-Divinve.  But, I do see the value of dedicated routine time devoted to connecting with that Energy of All-That-Is.

My mom was raised Catholic.  She is a very devout and very liberal Christian (yes, they exist in abundance.  It’s just no one thinks they are crazy enough to show their stories in the media.)  She is struggling right now.  And so am I.  And both of our struggles affect one another because we both love each other and support each other so much.  In fact, I think my relationship with my mom is my most (if only) what would come close to a ‘co-dependent’ relationship.  We both live on anxiety way too much.  And we both stress on too much.

So, I proposed that she and I devout these next 30 days to reciting The Lord’s Prayer.  I discovered in my mantra explorations that this prayer is the closest thing we Christians have to a mantra.  And in Vedic teaching, the efficacy of a mantra intensifies when it is routinely repeated regularly over many days, weeks, months, or years.  I know my mom can connect with the words in this Christian Mantra.  And for some reason,  I feel that this month is going to be the one in which our 30-day Challenge leaves its most significant changes on our lives…


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