I think I was unclear…

I don’t really like writing ‘reply’ posts.  Mainly because I don’t like to think that anyone actually reads this.  But I also do not like to delete or ignore comments that those few and seldom readers post.  I like to think it all just is and not to encumber it, inhibit it, or stifle myself or one potential or imaginary readers in any way.  ANd most importantly, I don’t want to ever use this to EVER have to or feel the need to justify myself.

But, with my last bit…as I read it, I realized that my tone was unclear…even to myself.

Basically, there are several things I’d like to see changed.  However, I do not expect that to happen now that we have a Republican-run Congress.  I do not expect it to happen if it were still a Democrat-majority Congress.  I do not expect our president to change anything.  I do not expect things to change because of new court rulings or overturnings of previous court rulings.  I don not expect things to change with new justices brought to the high courts and Supreme court–be they conservative or liberal or anything.  I do not expect things to change because of new laws, propositions, ordinances, regulations, etc.

Change comes first from a desire to change.  And desire begins in the soul…in the Self.  It is something innate.  It is a passion.  It burns.  Perhaps it starts out as a flame.   A little flicker.  A thouhgt.  An idea.  A disagreement.  A knowing down deep that things just aren’t right or could be better.  An intuition.  A divine guidance.  It is something that is within the individual.

What am I sayin?! That change comes from the INDIVUDUAL!  that is where change begins!

Hmmmm, what does this mean?  That we each have a responsibility, perhaps…?…yeah, that is EXACTLY what I’m saying.  And I’m not saying that anyone has any more responsibility than someone else.  And I am not saying that that responsibility is to vote.  I’m also not saying voting is necessarily bad.  We each have different responsibilities just like we all have different talents and skills and different BRAINS!

Individuals begin the impetus to change.  A dialogue perhaps forms from that.  Ideas challenge one another.  COme together.  Coalesce.  Groups ideas form.  Momentum comes.  Indivuiduals gain confidence within the collective.

Change begins on a small level.  Or else it has no backbone and nothing to stand on.  It falls flat.  Which is similar to what seems to be the case in legislated change.  People don’t believe in it because it just has no backing in reason or in intuition–which I know sounds cheesy, but hey…at least this is something much closer to how I feel.

I have much more confidence in change that begins with the individual.  It takes courage.  And is much more lasting…and real.

Change does not need to be legislated.  We all know and FEEL what is right.  And I believe in the good in all human nature. I believe in our intelligence, reasoning power, creativity, mutual innate love and respect, and (dare I say it) DIVINITY.

I believe in people.  I have faith in every last one of them.  And this is why I do not vote.  Because I unfortunately do not think that our “elected” officials have faith in their fellow man (and woman.)  And nearly all of our current/recent legislation/regulation reflects this mistrust and fear of one another.

That paradigm of mistrust and fear is one that I consciously chose to abort from my life a long time ago.   And that is why I choose not to partake in politics.  Because I feel that all politics is within that fear-based mistrusting paradigm.

My paradigm is love, trust, truth, faith, goodness, joy, peace, and freedom.  And it is not an immature, childish, juvenile thing to believe any of these.  Because I can confidently say that that is how I live and I do not consider myself immature or juvenile.  I consider myself to be quite intelligent.

Intelligence and idealism can and do run hand in hand…through the playground…not childish at all…(:


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