tomorrow’s to-do list

in no particular order…

1.  call that ins. lady to see when/if I get a check and/or some $ of some sort for car rental while my car is in the shop next week.  (this could be EXTREMELY helpful)

2.  call MY ins. people and give cc info to pay the rest of that bill I owe

3.  work more on compiling and finalizing the copy for my VO reel.

4.  run at beach in early AM!

5.  get spinach from Trader Joe’s…and also some of their dark chocolate–I love that!  and SPONGES for the kitchen!

6.  get roomie to write check for gas bill and mail it off and get $ to pay him for this

7.  yoga at YogaCo at 11:00 (:

8.  10:00AM chiro adjustment

9.  afternoon rehearsal for class.  most likely at my place at 2:30

10.  sweep and mop the kitchen–it’s filthy!  (although words cannot express how touched I am that my roomie did all those dishes tonight–love him!)

11.  be at job interview in West LA/Palms area before 7:00–and don’t bring the anxiety/nerves…just have fun and enjoy the new experience.  Oh, and GET THE FREAKING JOB!!!!  boo-ya!

12.  pay this week’s $20 at CrossFit after rehearsal/before interview while I look cute in my interview clothes and ‘he’ can see me like that and not all workout-y like ‘he’ usually does…and hopefully do a bit more of some flirtage and figure out if something can come of it or not…

13.  call S and figure out if I’ll be able to make J’s going away bash or if filming will be taking place all night that day…and if so, figure out if I can get together w/J some other time before he leaves for good…

14.  perhaps find time to journal/blog (or both/same thing) tomorrow evening

15.  eat healthy/sensibly

16.  be present

17.  enjoy myself and be thankful

18. transfer any funds I need to…and NOT be afraid to check bank statements if need to!

19. breathe deeply and fully (:

20.  love with ALL of me w/out fear!!  (:

21.  get new car ins. info to the DMV via their website ASAP!

22.  be honest with all

23. make my bed (right away in the AM!) using the new sheets that Mom sent me! (:

24.  reference this list if I forget anything.

hmmm, is there anything else…?…


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