I love Dr. House

Last night after getting home late after a really stellar acting class.  Like, REALLY great one where I got to get up and work a lot and had fun playing and experimented with myself and took notes and did somethings my normal acting habits are uncomfortable with…and also had like the umpteenth person ask me why I am not yet on Mad Men and had to respond with, “I wonder the same thing.”

But, back to the story. I was walking from my car to my apartment and say a man walking about a half block away who looked a lot like Dr. House (Hugh Laurie).  Obviously it wasn’t him–just someone who resembled him.  But, my fantasies were intrigued.  I then spent the  next at least 15 minutes after gettting home fantasizing about Dr. House.

Dude, I think that Hugh Laurie is like the ONLY Englishman who is hotter when he does NOT have his British accent!  Perhaps I’m biased because the creative geniuses who created HOUSE penned a someone who is like everything I am so very much attracted to and also everything toxic for me and probably why I like it more!

But, then after my 15 minutes of fantasy that I was Cuddy, I was reminded of how old he is…and just how sexy that is to me.  And then I remembered my affinity for older men.  And I realized that recently I’ve strayed from that…and am kind of missing it.

I had a guy ask me once if I have “daddy issues.”  I was slightly offended b/c my Dad and I have now and always had an AMAZING relationship.  But, I realized only so very very recently that perhaps that IS the issue.  In my eyes, my dad is not a man–he is in his own category.

But I do not think this is why I like older men.

People have often told me that I have an ‘old soul’ and/or that I seem/appear older than I am.  I don’t think this is why I like older men either.

In all honesty, I don’t consciously choose anyone b/c of that person’s age.  I truly am one of those people where age is irrelevant–in any and all relationships.  I have friends that are 21 and friends that are 51.  I’ve also had partners with nearly that wide  of an age gap.  I’m eclectic 😉

hahaha, but more than that.  I am on a constant search for stimulation–intellectually and spiritually more so than anything physical (because I can do that myself and if not that, I can call someone up easily…)  People with experience in this life by default offer more of that stimulation because they’ve lived longer and done more things and (most often, but definitely not always) have learned more things that I then can learn from them.

Plus, there is a much deeper mystery to an older man because there is a larger portion of his life about which I know nothing.  And I LIKE that!  I love the mystery…of LIFE!  I love to stories to be told.  I LOVE stories.  I love listening to and reading and learning from them.  Older men (and older people in general) have more of these stories.  Somehow, hearing stories I feel connects me more and more to this earth and this existence because it connects me to another soul’s experience.

Who knows…perhaps this older men thing is a just a phase I’m going through in my early and mid-twenties.  I’m actually beginning to think this to be more so the case (but one never wants to make a hard and fast prediction on one’s life…) because I am discovering that it is probably and even stronger and deeper connection to another soul to SHARE in the experience of life and to create stories TOGETHER as you both go along.

But, if Dr. House were sitting here next to me at the coffee shop…yeah, I’d be all hot and bothered and TOTALLY wanna jump him.


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2 Responses to I love Dr. House

  1. Lyz says:

    Ya…I’d do him too…love salt and pepper haired men!

  2. I know, right?! love me that salt ‘n’ peppa! (:

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