Ok, whew!  Just got back from CrossFit and once I got there and saw my coach, last night’s dream began to unravel.

He was not the one about whom I was erotically dreaming.  He was in the dream and CrossFit-ish stuff was in it, but so was my ex-boyfriend from high school.  And ya know how dreams tend to muddle things all together and then you  can’t really remember it exactly upon waking…well, that’s what happen.  Saw my coach this morning and realized it wasn’t his energy I sensed.  It was the energy of the CrossFit and then then energy of my ex and then the two mixed.  And it was all one of those ‘and you were there…and you were there…and you were there…’ kind of things.

Whew, relieved that I was able to take the class sans awkwardness this morning!

But, the whole ex thing is a whole other issue…oh boy…dreams about him again…

Let’s just hope it’s all just because I saw a photo of him on my facebook news feed and that was all that triggered it…


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