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A few weeks ago a really really good friend of mine sent me a facebook message with a youtube link he was sure I’d be into.

Well, he could not have been any more right about anything…because that link was to a 6 part documentary in Infinity.

And ever since watching all six parts right there on my computer that night, I HAVE NOT STOPPED thinking/feeling about, getting ideas and insights, blowing my own mind over all that doc had to say!

OMG!  So much stuff!  I don’t want to just regurgitate the information, but I just want to let out some of the craziness it has caused within my brain and my being.

Infinite universes–whoa!  Yes, please!  I think about this concept daily now.

EVERYTHING has happened!

NONE OF THIS has happened.

Both are possibilities.  both have happened…or haven’t…or both…or none…back & forth…never moving.  whoa!

Um, so yeah, so cool to think that in one of the infinite universes I perhaps married my first love…and then all the infinite possibilities that could have come of that have also happened.  We were perfect together, in love, amazingly beautiful relationship.  And in another only slightly different one, we have a family.  In one I don’t want it really.  In another only a fraction of a millimeter’s distance (in infinity-wise relativity), I do & love it…and this is only ONE section of possibilities in one area of my life that all have and have not happened in this infinite universe of infinite universes!!

So love that.

And not in like a pining, wistful way.  Rather, in a joyous, explorative way!  Not like I wish things can/could happen differently and I am satisfying that longing by comforting myself with these possibilities having actually taken place.  No, not at all.  I just think it’s all so cool.

Have been thinking about all of this and not judging or controlling where these thoughts lead and discovering that joy in discovering things in my own brain and my own soul!  It’s been a lot of fun!  Like building things in the mud as a kid!   (first image that popped into my head)  Like playing make-believe.

Which leads me right where all this has lead me to today…infinity–the infinite universe(s)–presented in this way, is synonymous with imagination.  (:  Infinity is imagination made real.  Infinity is the reality of one’s own–our COLLECTIVE own, perhaps–imagination.

That makes me really really really happy.  In a comforted and playful way…it makes me feel infinitely light.  (:


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One Response to infinite ramblings

  1. Simon says:

    wow, great post!

    I was actually searching for my blog and came across your post of the same name; I’m glad I did.


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