Holy shit!

Did I just write that?!

I woke up this morning still thinking about what I wrote last night.  I almost feel like it crept into my dream world.

I had a really long day yesterday of being on my feet at work for the entirety of it.  Days like that make me feel like my life really isn’t my life.

I got home late and wrote what I was feeling in a half-tired delirium.

When I awoke still thinking about it, I reread it…

Holy shit, what I basically just said is that home is where I can be truly, nakedly, authentically  ME…but I used the word UGLY!  Whoa!

So, basically in the complete truth of last night, I wrote that I believe my true nature is ugly. That’s hitting me pretty hard right now.

Alas, I have no real time to process it…I have to go be ‘pretty’ at work…

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