March goals!

March goals:

1) lose 5lbs by my birthday

2) be doing pull-ups without assistance bands in 90% of the CrossFit workouts that require them!

I am starting off my birthday month with motivation and inspiration!  I have these 2 semi-related goals on my very near horizon and just need that little extra oopmph to finally accomplish them.

They are small, but big to me.

Also, I am getting the first signs of some real complacency anxiety to which I am so susceptible.  Nipping that right here and now!

I just feel like I need something towards which I can strive–even if it is something small.  I don’t really have that with any of the three jobs that are currently paying me actual money.  Even in my acting, I don’t yet feel like I am confident enough in my true self to make objective and yet truthful assessments in that area–or any other creative endeavor/desire/dream that my true inner self may be crying out for.

…but that’s for another story.  And right now I do not have the time to dedicate to it.  I sooooooooooo wish I did.  Once again, I have 3 jobs currently.  I have slacked off in my writing because I feel like it is just a hobby and can be sacrificed.   Haha–learning that is sooooooo not the case.  Hobbies are VITAL!  Learning that lesson yet not implementing it right now.  It’s one of those advices I’d give to someone and not take myself.

Yeah, still not feeling worthy of my own self-indulgence of myself in myself…

I have fun doing this.  I really do.  I have fun creating words.  And yet, I do not do it all that often–or at least nearly as much as I’d like to.  I read them WAY more.  I have confidence in the words of others and my interpretation of them.

When I write, I have to be in a completely non-judging state that usually lasts no more than 20-40 minutes.

That’s my other goal for this month:

3) to increase that non-judging duration to an hour+

4) to write at least once each day from that place.

It is done.  It is done.  It is done.

And so it is…


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