I started reading a book called Cosmos…

and it’s about co-creation and quantum physics!

Got me thinking…maybe, since we are all together the co-creators of It, the Universe is expanding and set up just exactly as it is because it is a mirroring metaphor for all of and each of us!  We are all stars!  🙂  The Universe keeps expanding–with acceleration and not slowing–because WE do…both in numbers (population) and in Consciousness/intelligence/awareness.  WE are all stepping up to the mirror and seeing dimly but are soon to see fully…just as the Pauline prophet says so perfectly and eloquently in I Corinthians 13:12!  Our own Creation is our mirror…as is all we ever create.  We are creators of ourselves but–to roughly quote one of my favorite professor’s go-to metaphor for describing cultural bias–our glasses have lenses with the wrong prescription and through the fog we cannot see the simplicity of our complex nature.


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